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We are building the security review platform of our dreams, making our own lives easier. However, not everyone has the same needs. Are you really hoping for interactive symbolic execution? Would you like an in-line diff visualization, or are you hoping for better coverage tracking? Whatever you would like to see in Codean, we would love to hear about! Small-scale customization is done on a per-customer basis, and larger features will be considered for the pipeline.

Enterprise: on-premise

While we strongly believe in the benefits of a cloud-based platform, we understand that this is not always practical. Requirements and certification bodies might force you to host code locally, or even in an isolated network. With our on-premise licenses, you can enjoy the powerful features of Codean while keeping source code securely hosted within your own  infrastructure. At Codean, we value your specific requirements and are committed to providing solutions that meet your needs, and integrates into your existing workflow.

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