Frequently asked questions

What is Codean?

Codean is a code review platform for security experts that provides a collaborative environment for teams to review code while enjoying the support and efficiency offered by a set of features that symbiotically work with human experts.

Why use Codean?

Because it enhances performance, enhances engagement in review work, and improves collaboration with both your team and clients.

How does Codean work?

Codean allows security experts to connect to repositories and issue trackers, becoming "part" of the development team and their workflow by seamlessly reviewing changed code and communicating issues. The platform offers various features that enable security experts to work at high efficiency and to share knowledge instantly and effectively with their colleagues.

Can Codean be used by teams only?

Codean can be used both by individual security experts and teams. Collaboration features are only a small set of the numerous features intended to support code review efforts.

Does Codean integrate with my client's development tooling?

Codean offers integrations (pulling code and submitting issues) with popular development platforms including Github, Atlassian and Jira. For your clients, your review activity will seamlessly integrate into their existing workflow: issues land in their pre-existing issue tracker, and code is automatically pulled.

Can I use Codean together with static analysis tools or scanners?

Yes, Codean can input information from certain static analysis tools and scanners. Contact us to share your needs.

Is Codean a cloud-based platform? Can it be hosted offline?

Yes, Codean is a cloud-based platform. It is hosted on the web, which means you can access your projects from anywhere with an internet connection and a browser. However, if the nature of your work requires you to work offline, you can opt for our on-premise solution.

Is Codean secure for storing and managing sensitive code?

Codean takes security seriously and employs industry-standard measures to protect assets such as customers’ code. Shall your customer require even stricter measures, Codean offers an on-premise solution as well.

What programming languages are supported by Codean?

Most Codean features are language agnostic. Some features, like taint or reachability analysis, however, require customization for specific programming languages. We currently support the most popular programming languages including Python, JavaScript, and Rust, and make continuous efforts to extend support to other languages (reach out to us for suggestions!).

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