More than an IDE


Made by and for security experts

Codean is meticulously crafted by and for security experts who are passionate about code review.

We strongly believe that tools should be tailored to their users. For security review, no such tools exist! Codean fills this gap by providing all of the familiar and useful features of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) while improving the review experience. During security review, you don’t need to edit code, hence it is read-only. You do want to be able to highlight code snippets and flows using codemarks. You want to keep track of your (team’s) progress and coverage of the codebase and across git history using file review states. Most of all, you need to be able to navigate the codebase in a semantic manner, based on data flows, and source-sink analysis.

Interactive code map Coming soon

Easy navigation and understanding of complex software

To further enrich the code navigation experience and facilitate effective communication with teammates and developers, Codean offers an interactive code map. This representation of the code fosters a quicker and simplified understanding of even the most extensive and intricate software pieces. The code map not only illustrates dependencies between various objects and scopes but also provides just the right level of information, abstracting away from the potentially overwhelming volume of code.

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