Why Codean?

Our mission is to be a global tech leader in software security, making the digital world a safer place. We prioritize the happiness and effectiveness of software security experts, building technologies that empower them and enhance their efficiency. Recognizing the scarcity of such experts, we actively work to address the problem by attracting, training, and empowering individuals in the field. Our focus is on developing software technologies that amplify the capabilities of human experts.

Core value #1

We believe in our users

We value automation to eliminate tedious tasks, so our users can focus on what truly matters and requires their unique human abilities. This is why we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional user experience to our community, enabling them to perform security assessments in a more engaging, enjoyable, and efficient way.

Core value #2

We are committed to excellence

We constantly strive to bring new and creative solutions to the cybersecurity world, and to enhance our features to meet its evolving needs. We believe in clear and transparent communication with our users, our way to earn their trust and to stay on the front line of innovation.

Our story

Many promising ideas start by noticing problems. Our journey began with our dissatisfaction with the existing suite of tools accessible to security experts for conducting evaluations, along with all the deriving procedural inefficiencies aimed at addressing these gaps. Consider the complexities of sharing sensitive data, creating reports, and delivering consistent quality when each security expert need to use different tools that cannot meet all their needs alone.

Furthermore, the security industry faces a growing demand for software product evaluations, but the availability of security experts cannot keep pace, and automated tools still fall short compared to the work of experts.

This is where Codean steps in. It was designed to empower security experts to handle a higher volume of evaluations, seamlessly share knowledge within their team (and train colleagues) as well as externally (assisting clients effectively and efficiently), all while improving their evaluation experience.


Our journey was made possible by the generosity of a cybersecurity fund (TIIN Capital) and five angel investors who believed in us, along with a significant REACT subsidy from the European Union via Kansen voor West.

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