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No more doubts about code coverage

During manual code review it can be a chore to keep track of what has been reviewed, and who needs to do what. With Codean this is simplified: within a project, files and folders can be marked by users as reviewed, or out of scope, right in the project’s file explorer. This makes progress visible at a glance, and prevents you from accidentally reviewing code that is out-of-scope or already reviewed.

We are also working hard on an upcoming feature: our heatmap-based review activity. This layer can be toggled on to see previous review activity as hotspots in the code. This will help you get a better understanding of code coverage, but also help direct new or less experienced team members to relevant areas.

Dashboards On demand

Monitor and share your team's progress without any overhead

Dashboards play a crucial role in enabling both users and developers to efficiently monitor the progress of a project.

Internal dashboards serve as valuable tools for gaining insights into the code review progress, offering a comprehensive understanding of the work that has been completed and what lies ahead. By presenting a concise overview of the project status and highlighting any identified vulnerabilities, external dashboards empower the development team to stay well-informed, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual reporting or inefficient communication on progress.

Git context Coming soon

Keep up with the developers

Access information and details regarding code development: all relevant data that provides a comprehensive understanding of the codebase evolution and current state in a glimpse. This approach surpasses traditional code diffing by providing a far more insightful and complete view, which requires no side-by-side comparison or narrow code views.

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