Symbiotic analysis

Taint analysis Coming soon

Let Codean show you where the footprints of data lead

With this interactive feature, users can taint data within the source code, allowing for easy tracing of its flow throughout the codebase. This analysis empowers users to identify any flows within the code that could potentially be exploited by attackers, enhancing the ability to identify security vulnerabilities.

Currently, Codean’s symbiotic taint analysis feature is being developed to support Python, JavaScript, Rust, and TypeScript. However, we are continuously working to expand language support in future releases, ensuring a wider range of language compatibility. At Codean, we value your feedback and prioritize your needs. If you are craving support for a specific programming language in the symbiotic taint analysis feature, please reach out to us. Your feedback plays a vital role in shaping the future development of Codean.

Reachability analysis Coming soon

How can I get here?

Tired of the tedious process of manually navigating through source code to understand the constraints leading to a particular portion? Codean has the solution! Introducing reachability analysis, a powerful feature that automatically helps reveal the constraints necessary to reach any relevant section of the source code being analyzed, saving valuable time and effort.

This feature will soon be made available for Python, JavaScript, and Rust languages, providing comprehensive support for analyzing code in these popular programming languages.

But that’s not all! Codean is committed to continuous improvement and expanding its language support. In future releases, additional programming languages will be added to our reachability analysis feature. We value your input and feedback! If you have a specific language that you are craving support for in Codean’s reachability analysis, we encourage you to reach out to us. Your feedback helps us prioritize and shape our development roadmap, ensuring that we deliver the features you desire most.

AI support Coming soon

Could artificial intelligence support meaningfully?

Security experts possess the ability to connect dots in ways that automated tools and artificial intelligence can only aspire to achieve. However, AI support offers valuable insights on the code and its potentially vulnerable areas. This is why Codean is going to introduce AI capabilities to address multiple queries – from identifying code sections with potential vulnerabilities to aiding in the creation of findings.

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