Review together, in realtime

When a Codean project is assigned to a team, all members can work together, in realtime. This means that they can follow others’ progress as they navigate through code, make and connect codemarks, and jump from file to file. This enhances teams’ efficiency, avoiding redundant work, and promoting knowledge sharing. It also makes remote work feel like working side-by-side, like pair-programming but for code review!

Issue tracking

A team feeling for your customers

It can be an administrative mess to keep track of vulnerabilities and other findings throughout a security evaluation. Codean simplifies this by giving you a simple platform where findings can be written down and managed. Code snippets are easily attached through the help of codemarks.

And all of this works live, Notion-style, together with your team members.

By connecting your project to the developers’ issue tracking platforms, you no longer have to take care of the communication step. Published findings are automatically synced, and developer feedback (e.g. Github issue comments) is synced back. Developers no longer have to leave the comfort zone of their tracker to interpret reports, and neither do you to write them.

Chat integration Coming soon

Chat with the development team

A chat system facilitates direct communication between users and developers, eliminating the need for context explanations.

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