Making code review quick and fun

Making code review quick and fun

Meet Codean

Codean is a code review platform for security experts that provides a collaborative application security review environment for teams. Our cutting-edge platform empowers security experts with a single, comprehensive toolset designed to effortlessly identify and report vulnerabilities, annotate source code, and efficiently record and share security knowledge across their team.


Better than an IDE for code review.

Security knowledge, within the source code

Take a structured approach to code analysis using codemarks. Codemarks are code annotations that help structure the review process, saving time and frustration, and helping you understand complex codebases.

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More than an IDE Coming soon

Navigate, understand, and review code

Why should you use a tool meant for programming when you are reviewing code? We take the most useful parts of an IDE and add features aiding code review, including graph-based navigation, codemarks, and various algorithmic layers to help you grasp the code quickly.

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Work together, smoothly.
Review state

Define project scopes and track your team progress

Effortlessly label the review state of every file in the source tree to track whether your analysis is in progress, completed, or the file is not security relevant. Each team member will have full visibility on everyone’s progress.

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Realtime collaboration

Know where everyone is at, realtime

Stay informed about your teammates’ progress through instant sharing of codemarks and review state. Soon, this feature will be extended to include the ability to exchange ideas by following or by asking your teammates to follow your progress.

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Monitor and share

Keep track of what has been done.

Exchange information with nothing but a click

Gain direct access to your client repository to review one or more versions of their source code, and report your findings directly in their issue tracker.

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Coverage tracker Coming soon

Code review coverage at a glance

Everyone’s reviewing efforts are captured within the codebase in a heatmap fashion at the granularity of a single line of code. Realtime.

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Dashboards On demand, coming soon

With automated reporting, all that is left is monitoring

Say goodbye to communication overhead, as our technology enables security teams to effortlessly monitor progress and seamlessly share information and reports with clients.

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Symbiotic Analysis

The best of man and machine, combined.
Symbiotic taint analysis Coming soon

Trace data flow with interactive code tainting

Interactively taint data in the source code to easily trace where it flows across the program without executing it.

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Reachability analysis Coming soon

Instantly learn how to get there

Just click on a specific section of the code to discover the constraints that must be met to reach it.

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2x faster - 2x more fun

Dedicated tooling for security experts with a passion for source code

A single tool to review source code, to annotate and share knowledge within your team and with software developers, and to use all the power of automation in clever symbiosis with the user.

2x better - 2x faster

Better results, faster

Codean’s automation helps users perform tasks more efficiently and thoroughly, reducing their effort on several (tedious) tasks. Inefficiencies such as version management, note keeping, and progress and final reports (both management and technical), are now a thing of the past!

Efforless learning and teaching

Learn from and teach to your peers

Embed your thought process in the code and forget traditional knowledge-sharing via notes, documents, and reports. Share their findings realtime and effortlessly, fostering a more engaging and accelerated learning experience.

1.2x faster understanding

Navigate knowledge like a security expert

Intuitive and security-minded code navigation and features (like taint or reachability analysis) enables faster understanding and analysis of complex software.

2x faster note-keeping

No more notes with codemarks and flows

Break free from traditional note-taking. Capture, annotate, store, and instantly share security knowledge.

2-20x less overhead

Exchange sensitive data securely in one click

Exchange sensitive data, like (multiple versions of) source code, or information on discovered vulnerabilities by connecting Codean to developers tools. No more writing of (or waiting until completion of) final reports: communicate your findings as soon as discovered directly on the issue tracker of your client. Chat with them, and take advantage of personalized dashboards to share progress reports effortlessly.

1.5x faster team alignment

Tracking and sharing progress was never this easy

With Codean, everyone’s progress is instantly available to the entire team: what was reviewed, what was learned, what was found. Hello codemarks, flows, realtime collaboration, dashboards! Goodbye inefficiencies, redundant work, progress meetings. Welcome, increased productivity.

Customer satisfaction +++

Your clients will simply love it!

Codemarks and flows can be linked to findings to provide precise descriptions of issues and where to find them. Your client will benefit from this too! Once sent to their issue tracker, they can access the vulnerable code in their platform in one click, and modify it right away according to your suggestions, or ask you related questions. No more difficult-to-read reports, e-mail exchanges, or time spent on providing context: communication just got more pragmatic!


What is Codean?

Codean is a code review platform for security experts that provides a collaborative environment for teams to review code while enjoying the support and efficiency offered by a set of features that symbiotically work with human experts.

Why use Codean?

Because it enhances performance, enhances engagement in review work, and improves collaboration with both your team and clients.

How does Codean work?

Codean allows security experts to connect to repositories and issue trackers, becoming "part" of the development team and their workflow by seamlessly reviewing changed code and communicating issues. The platform offers various features that enable security experts to work at high efficiency and to share knowledge instantly and effectively with their colleagues.

Is Codean secure for storing and managing sensitive code?

Codean takes security seriously and employs industry-standard measures to protect assets such as customers’ code. Shall your customer require even stricter measures, Codean offers an on-premise solution as well.

Is Codean a cloud-based platform? Can it be hosted offline?

Yes, Codean is a cloud-based platform. It is hosted on the web, which means you can access your projects from anywhere with an internet connection and a browser. However, if the nature of your work requires you to work offline, you can opt for our on-premise solution.

Can I use Codean together with static analysis tools or scanners?

Yes, Codean can input information from certain static analysis tools and scanners. Contact us to share your needs.

What programming languages are supported by Codean?

Most Codean features are language agnostic. Some features, like taint or reachability analysis, however, require customization for specific programming languages. We currently support the most popular programming languages including Python, JavaScript, and Rust, and make continuous efforts to extend support to other languages (reach out to us for suggestions!).

Does Codean integrate with my client's development tooling?

Codean offers integrations (pulling code and submitting issues) with popular development platforms including Github, Atlassian and Jira. For your clients, your review activity will seamlessly integrate into their existing workflow: issues land in their pre-existing issue tracker, and code is automatically pulled.

Can Codean be used by teams only?

Codean can be used both by individual security experts and teams. Collaboration features are only a small set of the numerous features intended to support code review efforts.

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